How to create a Bling Bobble Hat

Ross and I went to Rome this time last year and, apart from the fact that it rained solidly for the entire duration of our visit and that Ross was recovering from a back operation and had to lie down every few hours, we had a brilliant time.  We really enjoyed having the time together and exploring the old part of the city and the fact that around every unsuspecting looking corner there appeared to one of the seven wonders of the world. My favourite was definitely the Trevi fountain which was bang slap in the middle of a shopping precinct. Cue shameless selfie blocking out most of this amazing work of sculpture…

GetAttachment (1)


There was a shop round the corner from our hotel which was full of very tacky clothes. You know the type, very trendy for the ten minutes they a) last for and b) are in fashion for. Jeans that are so low cut they’d barely cover your vajazzle etc. It wasn’t really my kind of shop apart from a table in the middle full of the most amazing bobble hats that were covered in pearls and crystals. Like a magpie I was pulled towards them despite the warning voices in my head screaming “they’re acrylic!”, “they’ll make your forehead itch!”, “your hair will go static!” and other sound words of wisdom. I ignored them all and bought a hat, took it away and loved it. I went back the next day to get a few more for my sister’s Christmas presents but they were all gone. I was right, of course, my hair does go static, it does make my forehead itch and one more thing the naysayers in my head failed to address – all the sparkle has worn off the crystals revealing bare plastic. I didn’t see that coming.

When you love something that much it needs to be re-created properly so I ordered the daddy of crystals, Swarovski crystals (apparently these are the real deal and will not lose their sparkle) and some gem-tac glue on ebay, got myself  100% wool hat and got busy.




The swarovski crystals are so tiny that you need to use tweezers to have any control over them. The glue has got a metal precision tip to make it easy to get the glue exactly where you want it. I squeezed a dot of glue on the back of each crystal them stuck it onto the hat. It’s important to make sure you stick the crystal onto an actual strand of wool otherwise it disappears into the hat the minute you stretch it out to put in onto your head.








I placed my crystals at  fairly regular intervals but I might try another time with a more random approach. I used 85 crystals in total – they get used up surprisingly quickly!






Crystal hat_1






Here’s my right hand woman wearing the original hat and me with the souped up version. Her crsytals look white because they are just bits of plastic, mine look white because of the light. Obviously. My next task is to replace all the sparkles on the maroon hat with Swarovski ones -some day!



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